There is much material on the internet that erroneously defines the gift of “helps” as “administration”.

Kubernesis  (1 COR 12:28) (STRONGS 2941) does not adequately describe what we typically refer to as “office or event administration”, book-keeping, photocopying, church leases, city taxes, staff payroll, etc etc… As westerners, and as modern thinkers, when we hear the word “administration” we  erroneously default to office or business activities in the natural realm. This is far from reality. The sooner we understand this gift, the sooner we can realise why the church leadership malfunctions so badly, so often,

Keep reading and you will see the difference.

Some of this confusion relates to ambiguity in different Greek translations. Kubernesis(STRONGS 2941)  can be translated into Administration (singular), Administrations (Plural) (which is more accurate), Governments (plural) (which is also more accurate). It is a “strategic advisory” leadership function that literally means to “Steer multiple rudders at the same time”. It is an active, multi-tasking verb.

The noun, which is a person who performs Kubernesis, is called a Kubernetes. The Greek Military and Airlines continue to use this same word today to describe a “pilot” or “navigator” or “helmsman” of a vessel.

When Paul wrote this Greek word, the pilot in those days would often sail boats with two rudders at the rear, combined with sails, and sometimes with additional oars, supported by leather maps/scrolls, possibly a compass of some description, and local knowledge of reefs, threats, pirates, war zones, seasons, tides, stars and moon phases. In those days, the pilot was responsible and skilled at orchestrating all these various steering, propulsion and navigating departments to move the vessel, the crew, the passengers and the cargo to the intended destination.

With this concept of strategic skill, decision making, advice, wisdom and overlaid with spiritual awareness, those carrying the Gift of Kubernesis move easily and fluidly between pastoral, prophetic, secular government, church government, leadership, business, earthly and church functional roles with inexplicable and supernatural knowledge and ease.

Ironically, Kubernesis does have a relationship with all the other functions  and Gifts of the Church which indeed includes “Helps” and typical organisational and administrative functions, but only through the lens of “governing” or “steering” these functions to a productive “life filled” outcome, to avoid burnout, inefficiency, conflicts of interests, doctrinal risks, demonic risks and catastrophic failure (like Pastors falling, theft in the Church, Sexual Immorality, etc).

Others may disagree with my description of this gift,  based on these and other comments I make , but exploring a little further, I see the “execution” or the “doing” of the various functions of the Church really fall into three(3) other gifting sets, guided by Kubernesis (strategic direction, success criteria, execution tone, values, doctrine,  threats, risks, etc) which are:

  • “Helps” (Greek: Antilepsis STRONGS 484) which is a virtually unlimited set of clever skills and capabilities devoted to the Church, which could be but not limited to, sound desk, lighting, welcome team, youth workers, community liaison, graphics, printing, drama, arts, computer work, catering, etc) and;
  • “Deacon” (Greek: Diakoneo STRONGS 1247) which is an active, appointed leader doing practical leadership in any Church department or facet of Church life, and
  • “All Else” – Can also relieve (or confirm) Church Operations to aid the guidance and execution of Worship, Pastoring, Evangelism, Prophetic, Miraculous, Faith, Healing and Teaching activities/events with the view of releasing church leaders (who don’t possess the Kubernesis Gift) from the burden of launching and operating various church initiatives/functions so they can operate fully in their respective gifts.

The Roadie Metaphor

Like a chief roadie for a rock band, or travelling show, the Kubernetes (The pilots, the ones gifted with Kubernesis) are your quintessential Church “roadies” who remarkably and supernaturally understand EVERY apostolic function. They can make the instructions of the Holy Spirit take on a practical structure (shape of the wineskin on earth) to execute those divine instructions on earth in a practical, measurable and achievable way, full of love, full of peace and full of joy for all involved.

With those ideas in mind, have a careful listen to Paul Manwaring in this video, who echoes some of this thinking, to reveal more of the power and potency of this amazing, and poorly understood gift.

Paul Manwaring – The Gift of Administration (Circa 2009)

Paul shares a prophetic word from Steve Witt about the gift of administration, he redefines what we most of us believe to be the gift of administration, and in the end he imparts the gift he has on his life to steer towards a vision.

“I believe administration is the gift of steering towards the vision, it’s the gift of leadership, it’s the gift of government” – Paul Manwaring

“Administration without the supernatural will kill a move of God, but the supernatural without the administration will not pass it to the next generation” – Paul Manwaring


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