What the Gift is NOT

An “Anti-Pattern” is the opposite of what a healthy pattern is.

Here I will attempt to describe the “Anti-Patterns” to healthy Kubernesis.

It’s useful to define what the gift is, and equally informative to describe what the gift is not. Here I am having a go at expressing some misconceptions about the gift.

Not Helps – The Gift of Governments sometimes in rendered in the English as “administration” and then further redefined as church office work, business management (bills, banking, book-keeping) and office administration. These roles in my opinion are better described as the Ministry of Helps, not the Gift of Administration.

Not Prophetic Office –Due to the precise and deep  nature of the supernatural insight, the gift can often be confused with the office of Prophet when in fact it is the Gift of Administration. Many of the supernatural gifts have a prophetic element for them to function, so care needs to be given to distinguish between a Prophet and Administration (especially when dealing with Strategy). Those is operate in the Gift of Governments can easily identify the difference, and can easily switch between the two modes, and can usually articulate the difference, where Prophets may in fact struggle with the detail.

Not Ruling – The Gift of Governments is not the gift of Ruling (Leading), although Governments is typically a leadership advisory function synonymous with eldership it does not necessarily include Ruling. This is very interesting because Ruling is a different gift that leads people effectively, whereas Governments is simply the direction (or the compass, or the rudder for decision making). A powerful ministry combination is when either an individual (or a team) combine the gift of Ruling with the Gift of Governments to provide both direction and leading.

Not A Controlling Device – The gift is not meant to be abused to control or manipulate leaders, elders, boards or church members (or the other ascension gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist). The Church (according to scripture) is meant to be established on the Apostles and Prophets (which is commonly not the case today), and the daily decision making and operations of the Church is meant to be govern (heavily influenced by) the Gift of Kubernesis. This is impossible if leaders are NOT spirit-filled and willing to submit to each other.

Not Business Administration – The gift is not a business administration role (I would describe this again as Helps). Business administration can be a very helpful function in a church organisation to be able to run the office, cover off accounting, legal, payroll, bills, banking, deal with city councils, laws of the land, and other operational functions. The Gift of Governments would be able to detect if the “Business Administration” function is encroaching into doctrinal, teaching or excessive worldly influence in the Church (which happens alot!). Interestingly, Business Administration actually deals with the worldly affairs of the Church as an organised entity. The Gift of Governments can chart the course for how this business function can work happily and safely, without perverting the culture or doctrine of the church. Where some Churches fail badly is they miss The Gift of Governments and substitute it for business management skills, when actually the Church needs both.

Remember Jesus had someone carry his money bag (Judas) and act as a “treasurer/secretary”…. sort of like a business manager, but he was not one inner circle. Judas carried enough money to support the 12 men, plus Jesus, plus all the extended families of the 12. That’s 13 men, about 12 wives and about 60+ children… about 80+ people, so Jesus was quite the business man to fund his own ministry team, but he embodied ALL the New Testament gifts.


  • Are there other gifts or ministry work that might be confused with (or overlap with) the Gift of Governements ? What do you think ?