Practical Examples

Here are few practical examples of put together (I have intentionally just made these up based on a combination of experiences), These seem like simple examples but they give you a sense of the variety and scope of problems or changing circumstances that the Gift of Governance can provide guidance (and execution capability) on. Again, there no limit to the size and complexity of challenges we face in the Church, and there is no limit to the solutions or advice available from God, since the gift is supernatural (unlimited).

There are a myriad of examples, but here are just a handful to get you thinking:

  • A local church contemplates starting an inner-city youth mission, but needs to decide who will do the work, and when/where it will be done. How will this decision be made ?
  • A church wants to expand it’s staff and add an associate pastor, but does not have the funding. A decision needs to be made on how to split the workload, who is qualified to do it, and how the work split might be measured/shared. Who get what workload ? and Why ?
  • The leaders of the youth ministry are regularly getting sick and burning out. Parents and elders are concerned about the pressure and expectations placed on the young leaders. A decision needs to be made around the effectiveness of the Youth ministry, the resources being consumed and how to make it more effective while removing stress from the Youth Leaders. What changes could be made ? Is everyone on board with the changes ?
  • The Senior Pastor of a church is seriously sick and the elders consider a replacement (or should they rotate the preaching for a season amongst the Elders until the Pastor recovers). A decision needs to be made on how to deal with the situation, and how to communicate to the assembly. How should this be communicated ?
  • The youth ministry considers partnering with an international group to provide curriculum and branding around an entire youth program. Some concerns have been raised by parents questioning the quality of the international group in light of some serious public scandals involving the international ministry. How is this resolved ?
  • Church Elders decide to move to a larger building, but the only appropriate size building available is in the opposite geographical location to where the Lord has call the work to be done. Do they wait ? or do they move into the opposite location and hope it all works out ?
  • New converts are not staying with the church and leave shortly after salvation. A plan needs to be executed to understand why this is happening and how to manage the situation. What changes need to be made ?
  • Church demographics are skewed toward elderly or single people only, and local families are difficult to reach. A discussion needs to be had to determine if this is indeed a man-created problem, or simply an observation of what God is doing… How will this be investigated  ? What decisions will be made ? By Whom ?
  • The Church owns a lot of real-estate and has the opportunity to sell or develop that real-estate for enormous profit. There are various factions in the Church with strong conflicting views. A resolution need to be found. How should that be resolved ?
  • The Church develops and performs wonderful original plays and drama, however a dispute erupts over the ownership rights and copyright to the developed materials. Who is at fault ? How should damages be settled ? What changes need to be made ? and Why ?
  • Elder and board conflict with the Senior Pastor (and vica-versa)… common problem.
  • A Church financial crisis. How will this be discussed and what actions taken ?
  • A failure of character of the senior leader(s) (adultery, theft, embezzlement, etc) Should you intervene ? How do you intervene ? What needs to happen ? What is the process that will get this resolved quickly in a dignified manner ?
  • etc, etc..

What do you think are some other scenarios where the Gift of Governments might be able to provide insight, help, guidance or execution strategy ?