A Personal Journey

I’m still learning how this gift works. But I’m going to have a go at defining how I think it works as I understand it so far (about 9 years of unpacking the knowledge).

Although I realise in hindsight that I had access to the gift for a long time (maybe 8 years), I could not operated the gift effectively because I did not realise I had this gift, what the gift it was called (I was confusing it with discernment and prophetic), and what it’s purpose was (it steers the entire church (or any) organisation toward a destination hence interacts with leadership).

For a time I thought I was going crazy with supernatural information that I had no clue on how to use effectively, and could not share it effectively with leaders, caused arguments, got myself upset, got others upset and achieved nothing. What a mess.

For those who don’t know the backstory, the Holy Spirit told me about this in 2007 and said “don’t speak to any man, just read the word and listen to me”. I did that and wrote for a couple years, (on authority, dominion, process, wisdom, organisation, strategy, materials, efficiency, measurements, metrics, governments (natural/spiritual), fake governance, judicial systems, subordination, abdication, rights, ownership, leadership, etc etc)… then put materials up online, starting in like 2009/10 thru to 2016. In 2016 my website got hacked and I nearly lost everything, but managed to save the majority of blog entries.

Over the decades I have made a living from performing Kubernesis (Strategy, Planning and Execution) in the Technology/Data arena helping clients solve complex Data Governance challenges in a new industry. The very same basic skillset used to define strategic direction and the execution plan to get there, like in the Church. Both scenarios are “servant leader” roles, engaging and influencing leadership.

But God is good, and together we’ve figured out some training wheels and away we go.

Today it works in me, it’s powerful and I can manage it. I now realise I can train people in the gift, and help refine it’s operation in others so I can help rescue them from the pain and mess I went through (there are peculiar hazards with each gift and this gift has specific issues that will cause havoc if not understood).

I have also had the great pleasure of meeting other believers with the same gifting, and can instantly recognize it, call it out, and encourage others.