Kubernesis – Challenges (2)

I hope this encourages you and spurs you on to improve the way you think about and handle the Gift of Administration… The structure and nature of the Church is un uncharted Holy Spirit waters… Awesome times.
Here is a blunt thought challenge for God’s Administrators/Leaders out there to ponder.
“God’s Kingdom is, irreversible, unstoppable, unshakeable, impregnable, in-corruptable, un-cursable, undeniable, transferable, multi-generational, multi-cultural and everlasting… “(a description I heard from Tony Higginson of the Dream Centre UK, an awesome picture). He has scripture backing for each descriptor. Tremendous.
Now the challenge is “Administrate” that organisation (!)
Wow, we need supernatural wisdom and understanding to administrate an organisation like that, like the “Kubernesis” that is found in 1 COR 12:28 in full operation.
The world struggles to govern it’s own creations, and yet, a feeble minded Church often goes to the world to seek guidance on how to administrate something the world cannot even understand.
It’s no wonder the old wineskin keeps losing the new wine. We need Spirit-Led (Transformative) Administration to keep pace with an supernaturally organic organisation that is perpetually transforming. Give that some thought…