Kubernesis – Basic Concepts

Being a supernatural gift, given by the Holy Spirit, The Gift of Administration cannot truly be understood or applied without the inspiration and instruction of the Holy Spirit. It is an enormously powerful gift in the life of a local church and can often be interpreted as a threat by immature leaders who misunderstand the gift. The gift is quite natural to Apostles, and Prophets. It can benefit from the operation of several other gifts such as Prophetic, Knowledge, Wisdom and the Discerning of Spirits.

When you read some of the practical applications of the Gift of Administration, you will see why this powerful mix of gifts are needed to operate, and the powerful results in terms of the accurate detection of critical spiritual milestones in the life of a church which require specific information to be able to move forward (or act) in a strategic direction (or activity).

The gift (like all gifts) takes time to develop and understand, but like all gifts does not require formal qualifications or tertiary schooling or training to attain (since it is imparted). Since gifts are supernaturally imparted, they function similarly across age and cultural boundaries.  A way to frame this is to say, an uneducated  17 year old boy from Uganda can function equally in this gift as a bank manager in Zurich, or a full time pastor in Altanta.

That being said, it’s critical to groom the bearer of the gift in the life of the Church to “season” and mature in their walk with Christ to be effective in the delivery of the gift.