Kingdom “Pilots” ??

1 COR 12:28 the Gift of Administration is the greek VERB Kubernesis (to steer many things simultaneously).

The NOUN is “Kubernetes” (Helmsman, or Pilot).

The Greek airforce and airlines still use that very word “Kubernetes” today !!! So, if you carry the Gift of Kubernesis, then you are a “Kingdom Pilot”, like Noah, Jethro Joseph, Nehemiah and others, your mission is to help the Church catch spiritual themes, make them real (tangible and executable) in the natural and navigate outcomes on earth that God has decreed through his Apostles, and Prophets.

It’s a great responsibility and requires great diplomacy, humility, prayer AND STRONG TRUSTED RELATIONSHIPS to be effective.

It is an integral part of the NOW kingdom moves of God in the earth.