Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts are given to individuals as the Holy Spirit determines, and it is not unusual for one individual to be given several gifts – which I simply call a “mixture” of gifts. Also in a fellowship it’s not unusual to discover a diverse range of gifts operating spread across an eclectic mix of believers.

I find it amazing the people I have encountered who operate wonderfully and powerfully in certain gifts. It’s such a surprise and such a joy. Not only that, the gifts are to first and foremost to edify and equip the saints so it’s great to be encouraged by others who carry gifts that benefits you in areas that you lack. Isn’t God great.

In my case I operate in Exhortation (Encouragement, Motivation), Teaching and Administration, supported by Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom, Prophecy and Visions. My wife operates is different gifts Hospitality, Helps, Discerning of Spirits and Miracles. When we get together on a prayer need you can imagine how powerfully the Lord can move on us to help someone in need.

The challenge for many church leaders today is to recognise what their own gifts are, and operate powerfully in those.

Where they lack giftings, either ask the Lord for that missing gift… or send along a worker with that particular gifting to cover the gap. The amazing thing about the operation of gifts in the kingdom is the inter-dependency of humans to each other to share the benefit of the wide range of gifts. I need what you have, and you need what I have. So cool.

For example healing is useless without sick people, Teaching is useless without students,  a miracle is useless without an impossible situation, etc.. you get the picture.

The Gift of Administration (Kubernesis) exists to help solve complex problems in he Church, to keep steering the church towards it’s destiny.


  • What other gifts do you think could complement the Gift of Governments ?
  • Also, what do you think happens in a Church when the Gift of Governments is not operating in in a healthy way  ??