Biblical Examples of Kubernesis

Biblical Examples

There are many examples in the bible where people were inspired by God to change direction, provide advice, structure an organisation team or activity, or manage resource, etc.

Here are some (not exhaustive) examples with some of my own insight around each. I hope to write in more detail on each as I get time:

  • Genesis (Dominion of Adam) – governing the garden, as a man, as a husband, as a father
  • Genesis (Noah, ark instructions and design) – process, design, delivery
  • Joseph (Vision, Food, Famine, Governing over Egypt) – vision, organisation, order
  • Moses (The Exodus) – leading, orchestrating
  • Jethro (Wise advice for Moses when in crisis) – Creating order from chaos (advised Moses and restructured the legal system)
  • Esther (Rescues a nation)
  • Jesus (Chooses a group of 12 individuals, and trains them for a mission) – Vision
  • Acts (Disciples dedicated to the word vs waiting/serving on tables) – Many practical leadership examples, Delegation of Authority, etc.
  • Paul  – Defines Church Structure, Priorities and Activities
  • Dominions – Natural and Spiritual Government Structures, Authorities, Strengths and Weaknesses, Risks, Strategies, Culture, Processes, Effectiveness and Efficiencies