About Supernatural Gifts

My assumptions and beliefs about supernatural gifts and their effective use:

The bad news is:

  • Certain gifts come under heavy attack or criticism by the world, and by non-Spirit filled or non-believing churches (particularly Apostolic, Prophetic and Miraculous themes)
  • Satan is determined to undermine and disrupt the operation and learning of any supernatural gift that helps advance the Kingdom of God, using any device available (Family, Friends, Media, Shame, Embarrassment, Humiliation, etc..)
  • Certain satanic strategies work against specific gifts to undermine either their effectiveness, or the credibility in the life of the believer to emasculate the gift. (Prophetic= Intimidation,  Fear, etc, Gift of Governments=Strife, Contention, etc)
  • Certain false doctrines are attached to certain supernatural gifts (miracles are not for today, prophets are not for today, etc)

The good news is:

  • It’s my belief that the Holy Spirit liberally distributes and deposits supernatural gifts to all believers. This is uniquely unstoppable, and never ending until Jesus returns.
  • It’s not unusual for many believers to operate in multiple gifts. God is generous.
  • Absolutely any human being can successfully operate in any gift they are given
  • God makes a way for believers to serve somewhere, somehow, in the fullness of the gifts that he has supplied
  • Spirit-Filled Leaders understand they are dependent on a fully-functioning and gift-rich assembly
  • Spirit-Filled Leaders are hungry for their fellow believers to be released into their giftings, and operate fully in those gifts for the glorious benefit of all those around them
  • You need my gift and I need your gift